5 Things to Ask Your Jeweler Before Buying an Engagement Ring

by Luster Editors

Write them down, print them out, whatever it takes—don’t want to start ring shopping without them.


Ask to see the grading report.

GIA, AGS, etc. This is where you’ll find info regarding all the 4C’s. Keep in mind that not all grading reports are created equal (GIA is typically the go-to). If you’re unsure about the 4C’s, skip to question #2


What are the stone’s 4C’s?

Cut, color, clarity and carat. Get your jeweler to go over the nitty gritty so you’re clear on the quality and value you’re getting.


What’s the origin of the stone?

It’s important for many to know that your diamond is responsibly sourced. Several jewelers can actually show you the entire journey of the diamond, from where it was mined to how it was shipped.


Is it possible to resize the ring?

It’s important to make sure the ring fits at the time of the proposal, but you want to make sure it’s relatively easy to resize the ring if needed in the future.


Is there a return/exchange policy?

Not a fun one to think about, but you’ll want to know this just in case it’s not what she wanted.

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