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Sparkly started with a love story.

When Apple employee Steven Simon fell in love with his soon to be fiancé, Andrea, he started looking for a ring as special as she was. He wanted to make the proposal a complete surprise—but getting this big moment (and the ring) right ultimately meant that Steve and Andrea ended up seeking out the ring together.


Falling in love was easy.
Choosing a ring was painful. 

Pinterest had pictures of rings, but no details. Was that a 1 carat cushion cut or a 1.5 carat round? All those online diamond ring sites had tons of generic stock images but it was impossible to tell how that ring would look on Andreas hand. And driving all over town to see random old-school jewelers was as about romantic as haggling over a new car.

There had to be a better way to see what a ring really looks like on a real hand, narrow down the faves, and somehow along the way hint to that special someone what you’d love …. all the while keeping the proposal the surprise of the century.  

So they made Sparkly.  

With Sparkly you can search and filter real life ring selfies so you can see what a diamond rings really looks like in real life and discover the kind of ring you’ll love forever. What does a 2 carat princess cut on a size 4 hand with dark skin and blue nails look like? Now, it’s a snap.


Your perfect ring style is your secret. 
Until your special someone unlocks it. 

When you’ve narrowed everything down and know what you love, you can grant one special someone access to see your favorites … if they happen to stumble upon Sparkly. They’ll never get any notifications, and you’ll never know they’ve peeked, but if they happen to stop by, only they can unlock what your future engagement ring will likely look like. 

Real ringspiration. 
Perfect proposal.
Cutest couple ever.