Thanks to the easy-to-navigate engagement ring sharing site, we were able to browse and gather a plethora of solitaire diamond engagement rings to show you.

 The site, which functions as a sort of "Pinterest for engagement rings," allows users to browse the platform for the ring of their dreams with all of the specs.

On Sparkly, you can browse thousands of styles posted by real people to find your perfect bling– you can even search by ring finger size!

Check for hints on her Pinterest boards or see if she has a Secret Registry on Sparkly to get a better idea of the ring style she wants.
Steven is changing the way people shop for engagement rings. They’ve made it all about Shop By Selfie. So now, people can see what rings look like in real life on hands just like theirs. is the new hub for all things engagement rings. 

The company, which calls itself the Pinterest of engagement rings, allows users to browse rings based on the “four C’s”: carat, cut, clarity and color. 

Sparkly is changing the way people fall in love with engagement rings.

Sparkly is a website completely and utterly dedicated to engagement rings. You can browse through real women's rings, create a board with your favorites, and even start a registry. 

On Sparkly, each entry includes all of the details, and they can be filtered according to what you're looking for.