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Custom Web Address

All Your Photos Organized + Filterable
Allow users to easily filter and search your content for styles they love.

A Customer-First Portfolio
Show previous and current work to give users a sense of what you can create.

A Customer-First Portfolio
Show previous and current work to give users a sense of what you can create.

Clickable Images
Customize images to click out to your website, product page, or contact method.

How it Works


    Sign up for Sparkly for Jewelers and get your own business page with a custom Sparkly URL


    A Concierge will reach out and completely handle set up for you.


    In about 2 business days, your custom page will be live and discoverable.


Our focus is to keep updating our feed with fresh content to give jewelers and users a better experience.

Your rings. Now more 
searchable than ever.

Sparkly’s new image based shopping technology has all the specs users need to find, refine, share, and decide on your rings.


Showcase your work to an in-market 
customer like never before.

Utilize Sparkly’s search technology to instantly bring up relevant examples to customers making a very complex decision.

Be up and running in a snap—
we’ll do all the work, free. 

Our Concierges make setting up your page a breeze. We’ll get your images into the system and you’ll be live in
48 hours, or less.

Your Sparkly Jeweler page helps
you close sales in person, too.

Your brand page is a powerful in-person decision tool that helps you show customers what you can make—so you can close the deal then and there.

Be part of a modern, design-
inspired movement. 

Millennial customers are starting, and completing their journey on the Sparkly platform. Be discovered with a branded page, featuring your rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love Pinterest as much as anybody, but Sparkly provides a completely different value for Jewelers. Users on this site are here to look at one thing and one thing only…bridal jewelry!  Additionally, all of your content will be tagged so users can find, or stumble upon the examples they want to see.

Sparkly for Jewelers will allow your customers to see your current and past work in a whole new way. Now customers can instantly search for examples they are interested in, while seeing what it will look like on a hand just like theirs. 

Sparkly for Jewelers allows you to add all tagged photos to your own page with a unique URL. Rather than photos being dispersed throughout the Sparkly homepage, you will now have one consolidated place with content that is only associated with you.

There are various ways you can get ring selfies for Sparkly. Some jewelers simply have an employee or model take a photo of the ring on their hand before delivering to a customer. Others offer a small incentive to customers to send them their ring selfies. As Sparkly grows, we are excited for content to generate itself by having your customers upload their own ring selfies!