7 Signs You Should Propose ASAP

by Blog Editors

Some guys just know when it’s time to pop the question, but if we’re being honest—the majority of you dudes definitely need some help.

Keep in mind, proposing is a process and shouldn’t be rushed. It’s a major life event that involves, time, planning, the involvement of friends and family and eventually, a ring.

Of course, if you’re more of the spontaneous type, we’re here for it! If you’re on the edge but need a little encouragement, here’s a few telltale signs that it’s time to get down on one knee.

1. You’ve talked about it.

Sounds obvious enough, but if you and your SO are talking about a future life together, it’s a good sign that the time is neigh.

2. She’s left hints.

Has your SO “accidentally” left photos of rings on her computer screen? This is what women often call “dropping a hint” and might indicate maybe it’s time to propose (with the ring in the pic) soon.

3. Babies on the brain.

If you’re already thinking about whether to name your potential baby after your grandmother, it’s probably time to ring shop before… you know.

4. You been living together.

It was big step when you moved in together, but now it might be time to take it to the next level.

5. You’ve shared a toothbrush.

Okay, maybe not literally but you’re so comfortable with each other that if push came to shove, you would.

6. You spend time with the fam.

She’s actually jealous that her mom texts you more often than she texts her own daughter. 

7. You can’t picture life without her.

Being madly in love doesn’t mean you never fight or get bored with each other. It means you work through it because life is just better together.


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