Shopping Alert: Our Favorite Things to Buy For Your New (or Old) Ring

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So you finally got that beautiful new engagement ring you’ve been dreaming about your whole life. Congratulations!!!  

You’ve obviously dreamt about showing that ring off everywhere you go, but will instantly realize that life happens, and it will quickly show on your ring. Suddenly, working out at the gym, cooking dinner, cleaning your baby’s diaper (well….eventually) will suddenly make that BAM! Your ring looks more...meh.

So many people give up on their rings over time, and all of those 4C’s you worked so hard to optimize suddenly won’t matter with that grime making your perfectly cut diamond, dull :(

Don’t let that happen to you! Check out our post about some great gadgets and products that will help make your ring look as good as the day you got it, or at the very least...way more sparkly than it is now!

Home Cleaners

(For those that seriously want their ring to look like new)

Trio Shine

If you are looking for an all in one solution, the Trio Shine is the machine for you. No need to have a bunch of different devices in your closet. Simply break out the Trio Shine and you get a 1) UV Light sanitizer 2) Ultrasonic Cleaner and 3) Steam cleaner, all in one beautiful package.

Why do you need each of these? Well, a UV light sanitizer will instantly get rid of all those gross germs that have accumulated over time while you wear these rings, well….everywhere! That being said, the UV light will not make your ring/diamond look clean, which is why the other devices are very important as well.

The Ultrasonic cleaner allows you to soak and loosen the dirt in all the crevices of your ring. The ultrasonic vibrations will wipe a ton of the dirt and tarnish away, helping your ring to appear more like-new. One thing to watch out for: Make sure not to leave your ring in the ultrasonic cleaner for too long as the many vibrations mixed with warm water can lead to small side stones falling out. Obviously this is pretty rare, but don’t leave that ring shakin’ in there all day!

Last, the steam cleaner will give you that amazing final touch that makes the ring look like new. This high pressure steam will essentially melt and blast the dirt, grime, oils, etc. out of even the tightest of crevices. Best of all, because there are no vibrations during this phase, the risk of losing side stones is completely minimized. We like to finish our cleaning with a steam bath as this is the one thing that can make your ring REALLY look like new. Make sure to steam the bottom of your diamond as well. Many people worry so much about cleaning the top (otherwise known as the table) of their stone, which obviously helps, but won’t bring your stone back to like-new sparkliness.  Making sure the less-seen portion of the stone is as clean as the top will have a huge impact on the sparkliness of your stone.




If you already have an ultrasonic cleaner or you are afraid of ultrasonic vibrations damaging your delicate ring, then the Gemoro might be a good bet for you. The Gemoro is a stand alone steamer made specifically for jewelry. This doesn’t have the UV or ultrasonic cleaning feature, but this steamer is a great product for getting rid of nearly all of the grime.


Yesker Ultrasonic

The Yesker Ultrasonic cleaner is a stand alone ultrasonic cleaner. It’s pretty inexpensive, and best off, really really easy to use.

Another benefit of the Yesker is that you can clean many other things as well with this product. Earrings, watches, sunglasses, you name it! I can guarantee how shocked you will be at how cloudy the water is once you run a piece of jewelry or even sunglasses through this machine. If you want your best bang for your buck, we recommend you check it out!

We want to reiterate an important note: Make sure not to leave your ring in the ultrasonic cleaner for too long as the many vibrations mixed with warm water can lead to small side stones falling out. Obviously this is pretty rare, but don’t leave that ring shakin’ in there all day!


Blitz Cleaning Solution

When it comes to ultrasonic cleaners, many tend to put a drop or two of dish soap in to clean their rings. This can work well (after all, what CAN stop dish soap?), but if you want something just as powerful and safer to use, check out Blitz Cleaning Solution. This solution is non-toxic, which means you can feel secure that you won’t be putting any gross chemicals on your skin or on your fine piece of jewelry. The results are amazing, and it will leave you ring with a nice fresh scent when it comes out of the cleaner. You can also use it as a spray, dip, etc. if you don’t own an ultrasonic cleaner.



If you don’t feel like shelling out for a steamer or ultrasonic cleaner, consider these cleaners that simply ask you to dip your ring in their solution and scrub. It’s very easy and quick to use (no having to wait for that steam cleaner to fire up). You simply–

1. Drop your ring into solution

2. Let it soak,

3. Pull it out and let is strain in the built-in strainer

4. Scrub it with the brush, and rinse

This is probably not as effective as an ultrasonic or steam cleaner, but it’s obviously significantly cheaper and quick to use. You could also consider using these after finishing up an ultrasonic clean to give your ring a little more oomph. Check out these dip products to try:




Cleaning Pens

If you are looking to get your bling on when on the go, then you should seriously check out these Diamond Dazzle Stiks. This small all-in-one product can easily fit inside your purse so you can clean your ring while out and about. It’s really simply to use… just remove the cap and use the built in brush to scrub the diamond (don’t forget to clean the lower portion!) and your side stones. We’ve heard great things about these, and they are especially ideal when you don’t feel like bringing your gigantic steam cleaner on your dream beach vacation.

Furthermore, you have an electric toothbrush for your teeth, so why not get one for your engagement ring? Ok, that might be a stretch, but if you love the Diamond Dazzle Stik and you want a little more “oomph” in your cleaning, then also check out the same company’s battery-powered version. Obviously the vibrations will help remove even more dirt and grime, and the price is right as well. Check it out!




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