Brit+Co: This New Site Is Like Pinterest for Engagement Rings

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By Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson (via Brit+Co)

Once upon a time, long before the term “engagement season” was coined, women had to wait and wonder what kind of ring their future fiance would surprise them with. (LOL. Remember? Probably not.) Well, those days are officially over. Enter Sparkly — the new platform that’s basically Pinterest, but only for engagement rings.

So what exactly does this mean? Well, presumably because most women now want to be a part of their own ring decisions, Sparkly has created a destination where hopeful brides-to-be can nab all the real-life ringspiration in one place. With thousands of detailed engagement ring selfies — from real people — women can not only get ideas for the design they might want, but also essentially try on styles, virtually. Genius.

Rings on Sparkly are catalogued and searched by diamond shape, carats, band size, and details. You can also mix and match carats to see how different options look on your specific finger size. Once you’ve found the one (well, the other the one), you can even select skin tone and nail polish colors to see how your dream ring might look on a hand just like yours. It’s like ring shopping without being in the store. What a time to be alive!

So how do these carefully selected styles make it in front of the right pair of eyes? Aside from giving you the option to save and share your favorites with friends, Sparkly lets you make your secret ring registry discoverable when you’re ready. You just add your significant other’s email or link his or her Facebook account, and when the time comes, your S.O. can search for your name on Sparkly and find your favorite three. Neither of you will be notified when the registry is sent or opened, so the element of surprise is still alive and well. But thanks to this little engagement cheat sheet, your dream proposal, including the ring, will be just perfect.

By Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson (see original post here)

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