The Customer is Always Bright! Designer Spotlight: R&R Jewelers

by Anonymous (not verified)

This week we’re taking a closer look at R&R Jewelers, a family owned- and-operated business in NYC’s diamond district that specializes in jewelry customization. Brothers Rami and Robert opened up shop in NYC’s jewelry paradise in 1985 and have seen crazy success because of their quality, craftsmanship, and above all, customer service.

Jewelers take note: It pays to listen to your customers! 

“Amazing service” and “on your side” are just itty-bitty snippets from R&R’s gushing yelp reviews. Seriously. EVERYONE GIVES THEM 5 STARS. Don’t believe us? Read them here.

So if you happen to be in NYC, stroll down 47th street to shop and gawk, or just peep the glitzy goods here.

Until then, check out R&R’s diamonds in their full glory. Here are some of our favorites posted on the Sparkly feed just this week.




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