Engagement Ring Sabotage by BFF... It's a Thing

by Anonymous (not verified)


Who knows the potential bride better than her best friends, right? A lot of significant others who are about to pop the question think the friend group are an automatic go-to when it comes to engagement ring advice, but (warning!) be careful who you ask. In certain instances, a competitive sister or a faux BFF may have good intentions at heart, but the last thing you need is subconscious jealousy or pettiness sabotaging your carat size. Don't risk an old grudge or issue with a so called "friend" affect your ring selection, which will ultimately play a big part in your proposal moment.


If you feel like a proposal might be brewing be sure you make it known which friends know you the absolutely best and give great advice (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Give your OG besties a heads up and prep them for any potential pre-proposal questions you significant other might ask. They most definitely should know your ring size, style preference and any other vital details like if you have a Sparkly Secret Registry ready to be discovered!


When it comes down to it, your proposal will be amazing and blissful regardless but it doesn’t hurt to keep any potential negativity at a distance and let it be known who’s in the true inner circle! Secure that dream ring and keep the haters away!

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