Lindsey Leigh Jewelry—Bespoke Designs From Houston

by Anonymous (not verified)

Known in some circles as “The Houston Diamond Girl,” designer Lindsey Leigh creates refined custom engagement rings and wedding bands using GIA-certified diamonds sourced from a local jewelry manufacturer.

For her custom pieces, Leigh always works within a client’s budget and encourages them to take the design reins. And while she believes “the design process is always client-driven,” we can’t help but see some of the designer in her designs, whose own style fall somewhere between feminine and funky.

After the design but before the final piece is cast and polished in-house, 3D CAD images are printed, and wax models are formed so that future ring-wearers can try on the merch before saying Yes to The Ring.

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Here are some of our favorites on the Sparkly feed right now! 




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