Spring Ring Selfies We Love From The Sparkly Feed

by Anonymous (not verified)

Spring is in the air…or wait, is it love is in the air? Either way, gray skies are making way for pastel blue skies, flowers are blooming, our ankles are starting to see the light of day and it’s got us feeling some kind of way.

So, we decided to pull up some of our favorite selfies that for one reason or another, scream SPRING.

Is it the nails? The grass? Or just the way the sun’s hitting the diamond and borderline blinding us?

Because what goes better with perfect sunset than a perfect solitaire.

Does it get any more spring than butterflies and flowers?

Is it just us or can you also feel that moment when winter gives way to spring in this super cozy selfie?

Pear-shaped diamonds make us think of morning dew. The hanging floral and duo-tone peach nails take spring vibes to the next level.

Let the countdown begin!

Check out all the new ring selfies on the feed!



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