Thank U, Next! What To Do With Your Engagement Ring Post Break Up

by Anonymous (not verified)

With any relationship, sometimes you might hit a little bump in the road, roadblock, or in some cases you’re just at a complete stand still and you have to get off the road. It’s not a secret that break ups affect everyone from the couple you’ve known forever, to the celebrity whirlwind romance that was Pete and Ariana. When an engagement is called off, not only are you left with the emotional baggage of getting back on track, you also have a physical engagement ring to deal with. Some wonder what the proper engagement ring etiquette is post break up, and we have suggestions on what you should do with that sparkly ring!

We’ve done a little research and here are the a couple options when it comes to that ex-engagement ring:

1. Return to sender. We don’t want this drama in our lives anymore!

It seems there is an unspoken rule that if the break up is mutually agreed upon or the bride calls it off, proper etiquette calls for the engagement ring to be returned to the person who gave it to you. This however, should be taken with a grain of salt. Every relationship and break up is extremely different with various circumstances and some might feel better giving back the ring to your ex, while others have different plans in mind. In most cases, the ring is legally considered your property so you have the right to do what you please with it! 

2. Cash in, baby! Treat yo'self. 

Regardless if you ended things on good terms or not, you are entitled to your peace of mind! Some people want to completely rid themselves of any past memories and bad energy that surrounded that relationship. For some, the engagement ring itself can symbolize negativity. In any case, the good news is there are resources for selling your ring and moving on with your life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with cashing in, treating yourself to a solo trip or investing the money into something that brings you happiness. It’s all about self care! 

3. Get crafty! Repurpose the diamond into something new that you’ll love.

So even though the relationship didn’t quite work, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the diamond work! Take your diamond ring to a custom jeweler, who can help you design a completely new piece of jewelry that you’ll love forever. Give that diamond new meaning so that when you wear it, you’re not thinking of the negative connotations an “ex-engagement ring” has. Try giving your stone (or stones!) new life with a beautiful custom necklace or earrings that you can wear in the future or even pass down to family.

To sum it up, you definitely have options when it comes to your engagement ring. Like Ari would say….. when life deals us cards, we gotta flip it, flip it, flip it and keep it moving! 


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