What To Do If You Damage Your Ring: 7 Prevention and Treatment Tips

by Anonymous (not verified)

So you got the engagement ring of your dreams and you wear it like it’s your most prized possession (because it probably is, as far as value). But what if—gasp—your ring gets damaged, or worse, lost? These are not pleasant thoughts but something we should all be prepared for. While you’ll spend much more time admiring and showing off your ring, the reality of damaging a ring is real. One of our Sparkly editors learned the hard way when she recently smashed her engagement ring in a closet door, resulting in a lose prong and a tragically warped band!

Taking care of your ring is crucial to maintaining its value and preserving it for the future, so you’ll see some prevention tips on this list. If the damage is already done, scroll down to #5 and get thee to thy jeweler right away.

1. Clean it regularly

To keep your ring sparkly, clean it at home once a month with a toothbrush using warm water and dish detergent. Soaking it in vodka or gin will also do the trick. 

Every 6 months, take your ring to a professional jeweler, preferably the one who sold you the ring. Professional jewelers will often offer this service free of charge but may charge a fee.

2. Take it off while deep cleaning

Don’t become the sitcom stereotype and lose your ring down the drain. Take your ring off if you’re cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, especially if you’re dealing with harsh chemicals like bleach.

3. Cooking certain things

Because raw meat and cookie dough caked into your ring is not a good look.

4. Be gentle

While diamonds are almost indestructible (they can scratch), the precious metals that contain them are not. Use common sense and put your ring somewhere secure if you’re playing sports, working with heavy machinery or doing something else with your hands that might require some aggressive movements…whatever that may be.

5. Take it off

If you notice a bent or missing prong or a loose setting, take the ring off right away and place it somewhere safe until you get to the jeweler. The last thing you want is a missing diamond.

6. Contact your insurance company

If you’ve read anything about engagement rings, you know it’s crucial to have it appraised and insured. If your ring becomes damaged, lost or stolen, get them on the phone and without fully disclosing the situation, find out exactly what’s covered.

7. Go back to the original jeweler

If the damage has been done, contact the jeweler where your ring was purchased. They’ll have the most info about your size and preferences. If they’re no longer available, any reputable jeweler should be able to handle the job.


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