Why Should You Filter by Skin Tone and Nail Color?

by Blog Editors

If it’s not obvious yet, we’re obsessed with helping you find the perfect engagement ring. Whether it’s for you or for your SO, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make narrowing down your options easier and hopefully, fun. Which is why, on top of filtering rings by shape, cut, carat, ring size, color, clarity and jeweler, you also have the option to filter by nail color and skin tone.

Why do these filters matter? Glad you asked.

• If you’re searching for a ring for someone else (congrats!), you can see how a ring will look on a similar hand to your bride to be.

• If you’re searching for inspo for yourself (also, congrats!) you can see how a ring will look on a similar hand to yours.

• The nail color filter comes in handy (pun not intended) when you’re looking for inspiration for your inevitable post proposal photo shoot.

• You can also use the nail color filter to see what other brides are doing. What’s the hot hue for summer proposals? What shade goes best with a beach background? What pops against a cityscape?

We are the only place out there where you have these search options. It may seem extra, but that’s the point—these details matter, people! We want to make sure we give you the most true-to-life experience of what a real ring would like on your hand.

Now, check out the feed and be sure to filter by nail color and skin tone to get results find exactly what you want! 


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