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By Anna LaPlaca (original post via Who What Wear)

Engagement rings are subject to trends, just like any other piece of jewelry. But unlike any other piece in your jewelry box, an engagement ring holds so much meaning and, of course, value. So shopping for the “the ring” requires attention to detail and a considerable amount of prior research. You have to know what you want, but in order to be sure, you have to know what’s out there first.

To help you discover the perfect engagement ring, we did our own research to share with you today. There are so many options to choose out there, from various stone cuts to settings and bands, that it can be overwhelming to approach. What we found was that of the countless number of choices to be made during the shopping process, there is one stone cut, in particular, that is by far the most popular when it comes to engagement rings. But don't take it from us, engagement ring shopping expert Steve Simon of Sparkly is sharing top insights below.

Which ring styles do you foresee to be major trends this year?

We see slight shifts to other shapes at times, but round stones are by far the most popular, and we don’t foresee anything changing in the near future. It’s a classic cut for diamond engagement rings. In the last two months, appx 24% of searches include round as the primary term. We’re seeing queries like “round in solitaire settings”, “round with halo”, and “round with side stones.”

Why are round stones so popular in your opinion?

I think it’s just such a classic look. Also, being a perfectly round stone, the optics have the ability to be “ideal,” which gives it a really unique look that only round stones can achieve. Also, cuts such as round brilliant are super sparkly and appealing to the eye.

Which bands and settings look best with a round stone?

If you want to feature your center round stone, go with a more plain or simple band. When you start to add features like side stones, the ring style gets more elaborate. Halos are also very popular and are another way to achieve a bigger look without increasing the center stone size and style. It’s of course a personal preference, but based on recent user uploads on Sparkly, we’re seeing a lot of infinity diamond wedding bands being paired with minimal solitaire round stones.

What should you consider when picking an engagement ring stone?

It’s all about personal preference and maybe even finger type. Aside from that, diamond specs like color and clarity also play a big part in the selection. Some people can get caught up in these details but will anyone even tell slight differences in color or clarity in real life? 

On Sparkly, you can compare stones based on these specifications and get a better sense of how the ring will translate in real life. You can really maximize your budget if you do your research and find an “eye clean” stone. 

See how Sparkly users are showing off their round stone rings:

By Anna LaPlaca (original post via Who What Wear)

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